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Client Testimonials

Bonnie Fowler is as refreshing to the insurance industry as breakfast television is to morning news show / weather. She gets back to the customer in a short amount of time and it’s always verbal, not a computer machine run around. I’m very satisfied with Bonnie’s performance.

David P.

My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Bonnie Fowler in 2016. We found her very approachable as well as empathic to our needs. She clearly had our best interest throughout our insurance needs. She is honest, direct in a gentle and caring way. Today we consider Bonnie a friend and someone we can reach out to anytime. We know she will be available for us to guide us through any of our needs.

Christina T.

Bonnie is a professional in complete command of her services. She quickly and completely explains each product in which you might have an interest, and intuits and suggests others of which you might not be aware but which might benefit you. She is straightforward and prepared – as well as patient and genuinely interested in not only your situation, but the best possible outcome for you, as the client.


“Bonnie provided my wife and I with clear and concise advice on planning for our insurance needs when purchasing a home. A pleasure to deal with, and I would highly recommend her services.”

Patrick M. & Jessica A.

“I have been in this industry for over 33 plus years and in my special and unique journey in helping Canadians as a financial planner, I have met only a handful of advisors that truly exemplify integrity, professionalism and transparency., Bonnie Fowler is one of those advisors! She will never offer advice that she herself wouldn’t do for her own family ! I am privileged and honoured to call her my friend and colleague!”


“Bonnie has a very high level of enthusiasm and thoroughness in her work with clients. Bonnie leaves no stone unturned in her efforts to ensure a client’s financial planning needs are met. She seeks out the best products and services and makes sure her clients are looked after now and in the future.”

Scott E.

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There are many different forms of insurance to protect you at any stage of life – from being single to your first home purchase, raising a family, and all the way through to becoming empty nesters….and yes including death. Though most people do not like to talk about death, it is inevitable and going to happen to every one of us.   I help you build an insurance plan that fits your budget at any stage of life.

Do not make the mistake of thinking premium is the most important part of purchasing a policy. Yes, it is important…. But there are many factors to consider. I lead every one of my clients through an education meeting, called Insurance 101. You then can make an informed decision based on facts, not emotions. Some people make the mistake of “shopping” online, where you will find premiums quoted based on you being extremely healthy. I have yet to find an advertisement where the standard rates are actually quoted. Do not make that mistake. I am a broker, first and foremost. This means I work for you. I am contracted with various companies, none of which I am employed by. Once we determine your need I shop the market for you.

Life Insurance:


Term Life Insurance:

Term Insurance has an expiry date.   The premium remains constant for the duration of the term.   Terms can vary.

Permanent Life Insurance:

There are various types of Permanent Insurance.  It is important that you work with someone who understands and can explain the difference between Whole Life, Universal Life and Term to 100.  Choosing what type and how much is an important part of your financial planning.  The goal is to protect you and perhaps, if it fits into your budget, create savings.

Critical Illness Insurance:

Provides a lump sum payment to a policy holder if they are diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses listed in the plan.  When shopping for Critical Illness Insurance, not only is it important to choose a reputable company, it is just as important to ensure that you compare what illnesses are covered.  Not all policies are the same.

Disability Insurance:

In the event the policy holder is injured or incapacitated making them ineligible to work, a monthly income or “income replacement” is provided.  There are many options and riders to be considered when choosing your disability plan.  I work with you to ensure you have a thorough understanding of what you are purchasing and why.  This is especially important for self-employed individuals, as they do not have group plans (that may be provided through a company) and run a high risk of financial ruin in such an event. 

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